Sunday, 29 January 2012

Great Minds Think Alike

So before things kind of went pear shaped in the past couple of weeks, with the loss of 2 dear friends & now my dicky heart causing me to be constantly horizontal, Mr P & I popped into the Woolloongabba Antique Center for a coffee & a sticky beak. My dear friend Jess popped in today with a meal & some delicious banana bread, & a little gift from the WAC. I had to smile when I opened it, only to find the lovely birdy salt & pepper shakers that I had photographed on my last visit (see below) but was yet to post. She knows me so well, & it was such a lovely & thoughtful surprise to brighten up another trying week. I'm off for a 24 hour heart test this week so we'll see if we can get to the bottom of this cardiac problem plaguing me at the moment! It's pretty funny that the thing I miss the most while being home bound is visiting my local op shops. Hopefully they'll be full of new treasures just waiting for my return.

Thanks to my dear friend Jen for the lovely flowers....and to Jess for the Japanese S&P shakers.

And now to our last visit to the WAC a few weeks back, & a coffee in the retro cafe.

A fantabulous little electric green clock for $65.

A vintage advertisment  for little old Brisbane.

The vintage Chanel store.

Here are the birdy S&P shakers that I photographed a few weeks ago.

This one is for Miss C.....similar to your Mum's set?

I really have a thing for old clocks.

 A board of brooches.

The wonderful Western Wac stall.

I'm very tempted by the Elcon fan. I love the pale blue colour.

Some anodised stuff.

A lovely array of frocks & goodies at the Miss Posh Poodle stall.

And a dumb waiter that reminded me of Kitty

And for those who got to the end of this post....I wore my vintage David Jones cotton dress with a little bolero & my Squirrel button necklace from Kellie Christie.

Thursday, 26 January 2012

Black Beauties

I'm afraid this week is all quiet on the blogging front. I have had a bad week health wise (due to my chronic illness not playing so nice), & the loss of yet another friend yesterday who has been battling cancer for some time. So now we have two funerals to attend with Michelle's on Friday & Handley's on Saturday. As a result I haven't left the house this week for any thrifting adventures. Mr P & I head off for 3 weeks holiday in a weeks time. Hopefully this rain deluge will have passed by the time we hit the Sunshine Coast. I love the rain but not so much when I'm at the beach. We are so looking forward to a relaxing break. Anyhoo back to some vintage beauties.....

I have always loved those really old glass crystal cut beads & I keep my eyes peeled for them during my op shop trawls. I first found the short jet black beads, & sometime later discovered next medium length beads, & finally the long black carnival glass beads which also have different colours that shine at different angles. It's long enough to double around my neck & wear as a double choker as well. I paid $3 for each of them, & I know the long strand would sell for a lot at a retail antique shop. They are still stung on the original wire & they have a makers stamp on the clasp. I wonder who's neck they graced before mine? Wouldn't it be fun if our vintage items could tell us the story of their journey through the world & into our lives.

                              The short.                                     


 And long. 

Monday, 23 January 2012

Thrifting Kiwi Style

My hubby & I have been to New Zealand 5 times in the last 6 years. Some people wonder why the obsession with the land of the long white cloud, but we have fallen in love with the place & if it were practical would consider moving there. Mr P's sister who has been one of my best friends my entire life has married a Kiwi & is living in of course we must cross the ditch for a visit every now & then. Anyhoo I thought I'd share some of the thrifted goodies I've found in various towns in New Zealand....not including clothes & jewellery which I'll save for another day. The only thing that stops me bringing home more treasures is the weight of my luggage!

On our last trip I picked up this little blue Japanese clock from a seller in Matakana on the North Island.

Mr P's repo tin aeroplane toy is from a store on K-Road in Auckland.

I grabbed this cute 12 Days of Christmas tin from the Matakana Markets for a couple of dollars.

Also from Matakana Markets we found this cute vintage paint by numbers birdy painting for $2.

I found this old china sugar duster in an op shop in Taupo.

Before the Christchurch earthquake I found these cute little green tins at a junk shop in the city.

 An old Air New Zealand model plane to add to Mr P's collection at an antique store in Auckland.

This isn't actually old but I bought this tin clock from a strange junk shop in Ashburton for $1, & I was surprised to find it actually works.

My absolute favourite & strangest NZ find would have to be this little bird in a metal cage. It's a Japanese piece & I've been looking for one for ages. We stopped at an op shop in Roxbrough on the South Island & I spotted this little beauty for $6. When you turn it on the birdy whistles & tweets. Love!

 I bought these wall duck mirrored trio from a store in Dunedin, & a vintage tourism advert for Queenstown.

Friday, 20 January 2012

Hawaii Five-0 Frock Friday

Thank you so much for your kind comments on the loss of my friend yesterday. We are still waiting to hear when the funeral will be. My delightful Mum took up the hem on my vintage Hawaiian dress that I found in a local op shop. I am forever giving her dresses to re-hem for me. I ventured out in her full skirt splendor for the first time today. Mr P kindly accompanied me to the Paddington Antique Center & my favourite Paddo vintage shops to bring me some vintage cheer. I did pick up a couple of new old frocks....just when I tell myself no more, the dresses call my a couple of accessories. Bad girl!

Not my best's the back of the frock (excuse the lily white untoned arms!).

I wore my red metal flower brooch & a little birdy brooch from Salvos.

Vintage beaded bag from Salvos.

Brooches & a red vintage costume jewellery ring. Wide Gold bangle from the Vintage Fabric Fair in Auckland.

Now onto the Paddington Antique Center

LOVE all those little drawers.

Very stylish lamp shade decorated with green buttons.

Taking a breather among the vintage delights.

Mr P checking out the frocks. Love it when he wears his vintage polo T from K-Road in Auckland....such a spunk!

This is where I found a lovely cotton frock on sale.

 A cabinet that opens up like mine that belonged to my Nana.

Such a pretty deer for a mere $1100. I love the antlers but don't think I could manage a face on my wall.

Love this little bird wall vase.

Delicious blue scales.

More birdy bits.

I love this visually pleasing.

Mr P & I both liked this old Elcon fan. Couldn't believe the price at $160!