Friday, 30 March 2012

Finlaw Frock Friday

Today's frock is by the brand 'Finlaw' of Melbourne. I bought it for $3 at Salvos in Caloundra. No prizes for guessing why!

I wore it with my Mum's green brooch.
Flower & pearl ring from Caloundra Antiques Fair.
Bracelet from an antiques store in Christchurch that sadly got demolished in the earthquake.
Ray Bans sunnies.

Thursday, 29 March 2012

Fat Boy & Sairy Gamp

These Royal Doulton napkin rings were passed down to me from my Grandma. Tam from A Treasured Past noticed them in a photo on a recent post, & said they were worth a lot of money (thanks for the tip Tam!). I was thinking that meant $50 or something. I did an online search & was pretty pleased to find that each napkin ring is worth $750-1000 US. I always thought they were pretty ugly, but I must say I like them a lot more now. But I feel a wee bit nervous about having them on display!

This character is called 'Fat Boy' created in 1935-36.
 Another wonderful Dickens character, Joe, the Fat Boy, was the lazy glutton who worked as servant to Mr.. Wardle in "The Pickwick Papers."

This character is called 'Sairy Gamp' & was created in 1935-39.
In Charles Dickens' 1843 novel, "Martin Chuzzlewit'" Sairey Gamp is a gossiping, gin-drinking midwife and nurse. 

Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Vintage Togs & Other Finds

I visited a newly opened church run op shop in my suburb. I picked up an outfit for my Mum, but I was most thrilled with finding my first vintage swimsuit...or togs as us Aussies like to call them. I was drawn to the lovely fabric in amazing condition, but I wasn't so sure it would actually be wearable. Anyhoo I got it home & tried it on & it was a perfect fit, with gathers in the right places to hide my little tummy rolls, & the lower cut legs are actually more flattering on my thighs then regular swim pants. There is mesh on the inside with a lacey bra bit for the booboids. The sweet old man in the op shop thought these were new, but when I showed him the vintage detailing on the inside he blushed as if he'd seen some sort of secret women's business. I won't be modelling these on the blog....I would hate to permanently blind those who read this!

'Genevieve' vintage swimsuit for $4.

With Elastomeric cutting edge!

A velvet 'Goldcrest' bag made in New South Wales for $1.

A strange old blue kitty salt shaker. I'm a crazy bird lady so I'm not sure what I'm doing buying cat ornaments! It must be the influence of you cat loving bloggers out there!

An original Holly Hobby plaque 50cents.

 Mr P wondered why on earth I'd brought this ugly old bag home with me. But it was only $1...& I might use it one day????

Friday, 23 March 2012

Tribal Tablecloth Frock Friday

It took a bit of courage for me to wear this frock that cost me a few dollars from the Vintage Fashion Fair. I think it's a love or hate dress. I like the fit & the cotton fabric, but the orange & brown print is pretty loud, a bit like a tablecloth, or something you'd wear in Borneo! I call it my 'Toto' dress (the band that is...not the dog!)....reminds me of their song "Africa". I think it will look good in winter with a plain jacket, tights & boots. I wore it with a very old bracelet & ring set that was passed down to me & a woven bag from Vinnies at Paddington for $3.

These are my latest Ray Ban sunnies.

  I love the fancy metal detailing on the bracelet.

Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Tooled Bag & Thrifted Finds

These are a few finds from a couple of weeks ago.....It was one of those days where I was a bit reluctant to drop into my local op shops. I just didn't know if it would be worth the effort. I must say I am pleased I did, because I found the most lovely tooled leather handbag to add to my collection for $10. I like the colour of the leather, a deep tan. And I most like the fairly large size which makes it a bit more user friendly then a couple of my other ones. Thank you Salvos for making my visit worthwhile, & reminding me that you just never know what maybe in store this week!

I wonder who Marina was?

I found this kitsch kitty cat. I can almost hear her purr with that contented look on her face.

A sweet pair of wooden & china salt & pepper shakers from Japan for $1.

Monday, 19 March 2012

Old Tin Trunk

I bought this old green tin trunk from my local antique & collectibles shop a few years back....I've gotten a few well priced items from this store. I keep it in our spare bedroom. It is a bit shabby, but I love the original green colour. I keep a few of my tins on top, as well as one of my old lawn bowls bags.

This Willow tin/canister is a recent op shop's the biggest tin I have.

Friday, 16 March 2012

St Patty's Frock Friday

I don't need any reason for wearing a green frock. Green is my all time favourite colour after all. I do get asked sometimes whether it's St Patric's day (even when it isn't).....& as predicted I was asked that again today! Is it really that strange to be dressed in green? I bought this cotton frock from the Brisbane Vintage Fashion Fair. I like a dress with a zip (especially an original metal one), & the pointy collar is pretty funky too.

Worn with my latest tooled handbag.

Green vintage brooch from my Mum.
Vintage ring from Chapel St Bazaar in Melbourne.
Vintage bangle from the Vintage Textiles Fair in Auckland.