Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Pouffes, Freebies & Bumpy Questions

I was browsing one of my local thrift shops this week, when a lady stopped me & said....."I shouldn't ask this, but is that a baby bump???" She looked like she was about to grab the said baby bump. I said, "No, it's just fat!" The lady was quite embarrassed that she had gotten it so wrong. I know I have some extra padding & I was wearing a babydoll style dress (not vintage for once....maybe it's a sign to avoid generic fashion!) but there ain't no baby! I must say it kind of killed my thrifting mood, but it was pretty funny. Mr P was surprised that a woman would ask such a question. Shouldn't she know better? I know I would never assume someone was pregnant unless I was informed first. There are some big bellied women out there, do they all get asked that question? I think us females in particular should know better then to assume such matters! lumps & bumps & back to important matters! Here are a few things that I picked up at a garage sale this weekend.

This retro pouffe (footstool) was from a deceased estate for a few dollars...Mr P thought it was pretty ugly but I like the original vinyl. I think it's a love or hate thing with this one!

A 1964 Canon Canonet camera complete with case & flash for $5....the owners daughter said it works but I'm yet to test it. It must have been a pretty cool camera in the 60's.

Oh dear....I spy the beginnings of a new collection.

I was a bit sad to see my local Salvos store throwing out donated goods into 2 huge skip bins. I scanned the top layer & pulled out a few things....there was clothing, shoes, toys, kitchen gear, everything! How I would have loved to climb up into the bin & dive in. Dumpster diving in a Nana frock would have been quite a sight! Most of the stuff had previously been in the store & was completely usable. I think it would have been good to have a giveaway sale rather then dumping the whole lot.

 I rescued this cute tin from the bin which I've seen in the store on previous visits.

And a pair of hand crocheted thingos in navy & orange. Not sure what I'll do with them but they were too nice to throw out! Just the right size for a cushion if I was crafty.


  1. Thats one question you never ask a lady! I love the camera and tin. I dislike when they throw away useable items it's so wasteful. I think Salvo's have a habit of doing that. xx

  2. I think it's very rude to ask someone if they are pregnant - what does it matter if they are or not if you don't know them? Grrr...

    On the upside that poof is pretty awesome - Your house must look amazing with all the vintage goodies you pick up:)

  3. A lady in the bank asked when I was due (I was wearing a baby doll style dress and I never wore it again).

    Those crocheted cushion pieces are WONDERFUL - SEND THEM TO ME AND I'LL CROCHET THEM TOGETHER FOR YOU! Poor Beryl, or Ivy, or Esme worked on those and they ended up in the bin... that's too sad!

    Sarah xxx
    PS LOVE your pouffe!

  4. That's so rude of that woman to ask that. It always enrages me that perfect stranger's think that it's okay to ask women things like, "are you pregnant" or make other comments about their bodies. I think your pouffe (that word always makes me laugh) is fabulous. Those crochet squares are so cool. I've never seen ones with such detailed flowers before.

  5. I feel for you. A male work colleague of mine said to me one day just after I was married that I had put on weight and that he should be the one to tell me as my husband wouldn't. He on the other hand was and still is as big as a house! Some people are just very rude.

    The other day, the lady at our local newsagents as if my husband was my son! I think that is the biggest insult to date.....

    Some people just speak before they think, just don't take it to heart.

    Great finds. One more vintage camera and it will be an official collection.

    Enjoy your weekend, Tam x

  6. Can't believe they were just dumping things! Love the little tin - very nice.
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  7. I love an old pouffe, there's one in my living room!

    I never wear babydoll shaped tops and dresses due to me looking up the duff when wearing them. Actually I do remember a very slim girl I worked with who wore a baby doll top being given a seat on the bus...

  8. Silly woman. Love that pouffe and the crocheted squares - perfect for a cushion. Go on, you can do it!

  9. That question is a complete no-no, what a daft woman (hopefully she won't ever say it to anyone else). I've seen women I know a bit but not well with really obvious baby bumps, but I've still tried to check out with other people before saying anything, cos you just never know!
    Anyway, that apart, you did well with your shopping, I am in the LOVE camp when it comes to the pouffe, the tin is very sweet, and AAAGGHHHH! How can they just throw that stuff out? What a shame! xxxx

  10. oh Sweet what a rude lady! I was asked once after I had surgery and had a very swollen tummy. I just about bust in to tears. I can't have children, so you should never ever ask that question.

    I just love all your cushions and thank you for saving the treasure from the bin. Such wastes, grrrrr!
    Love v

  11. I love the pouffe! I picked up an aqua blue and white striped one for £2 recently :) Love the crochet bits too, & I want that camera!

    Catherine, XO.

  12. Seems a bit rude to ask a stranger about the state of her ovaries :/

  13. REALLY hate it when people ask that. It is so incredibly rude and just unnecessary. And FYI you don't look pregnant! Silly lady. I have serious cushion envy-your couch is so full of pretty ones! Love all the crochet rugs too I have a soft spot for them.xxxxxx

  14. Love all your vintage finds. The footstool goes so well with all your colors.

  15. Throwing things out!! Eeek! I would have hated to see that too. I LOVE the pouffe and the rest that in on your couch! I have been asked about being pregnant a few times. I carry my weight on my belly and the rest of me is more 'normal'. Doesn't normally bother me but a girl holding a gs asked me when I was due once and I nearly cried. I had only had my daughter six months before. Turns out that girl and I are becoming good friends now. Lol.

  16. OMG!!!
    I had the same thing happen to me last summer when on a super hot day I wore (What I thought was a cute flowy tank top.)Here I am in the vicinity of these peoples baby stuff for sale. And the man yells out to my Husband "IS SHE EXPECTING" *Seriously* I was not thrilled (Needless to say I did not buy anything from him either.) Oh and the tank top (It's in a bin for when the time comes THAT I ACTUALLY AM EXPECTING!!!) So don't feel bad. Some people out there just blurt any old thing out.
    Just a few days ago I heard someone ask another girl the same question she replied with "No I have a medical problem"

    I love the Pouffe
    And what nice things you rescued from the bin. =D

  17. Ruddy salvos should know better! They dumped loads of stuff over xmas down south Dunno why they dont put it all out for 50c or free so glad you rescued some xx

  18. Love the pouffe so much and your couch space looks so homey. Love it!

  19. All love no hate for your pouffe from me x

  20. LOVE your pouf! and twice I have been asked if I was pregnant. mainly because I had my son at 44 and a half and never lost the belly...I think I broke them from ever asking that question again...I just say I'm not pregnant I'm just fat. just like you did. It's amazing the colors a person turns on the way to being red-faced! The most insulting comment has been "How old is your GRANDson!" I realize there are 27 years between the ages of my children, but really??


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