Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Pinch me I'm in Mayfield

Mayfield is a small country town near Methven on the South Island of New Zealand. I had heard about the Mayfield Overflow store from sweet Miss H of Boo Love Vintage. When I saw her photos I knew I had to take a detour to see this store for myself. It's a bit like a vintage urban legend, like one of the best vintage dreams you could have. It's rarely open, but you can call the owner & she might pop in & open it for you. It just happened to be open when we drove past, which was a miracle in itself. I was excited & so impressed when I first walked in, I really didn't know where to begin. Mr P told me there were more rooms further back....MORE???? It was one of those shaking & hyperventilating with excitement moments. My heart rate was going through the roof & I was totally overwhelmed in a wonderful kind of way. This place has EVERYTHING you could want....vintage clothing, accessories, hats, shoes, bags, china, nick-nacks, fabric, kitchen things, books & on & on. It is SO worth a visit, I felt it was almost worth the plane fare alone. One thing to note is that nothing is priced. The owner says that way she doesn't have to open every day. So I had to take armfuls of stuff to the counter & ask for the prices. Clothing is priced from $10, bags $5, nick-nacks $2. Jewellery seemed to be a bit overpriced to me compared to everything else. After an hour & a half I was thoroughly exhausted from all that adrenaline, & I had to drag Mr P away, as he kept going around again to see what he had missed. He seemed particularly taken with a Seventeen magazine from the early 1970's of all things. I think you could spend hours here as there is so much to see.

The store owner even has old junk piled in her van in front of the shop! Organized chaos I think.

First glimpses inside

Getting stuck into the clothing

The outside overflow of Overflow....junk paradise!

My sister & I spent countless hours on our round-a-bout seesaw when we were young.

A pile of clothes to try on

Hmmm to maxi or not to maxi???

The china room

HUGE fabric stash!

Hats galore

And back to all that clothing!

It's like a dream!

Even Mr P had a ball

Step away from the 17 Magazine Mr P!

I can't wait to go back again!

 Mayfield Klondyke Rd
   New Zealand
Tel:  03 303 6072

So what did I buy?????? I tried on stacks of stuff, but I was quite restrained in the end.

A couple of vintage maxi skirts

 A 1970's frock

A few badges thrown in for free

 A kitschy deer salt & pepper shaker

 A frolicking fawn

A groovy old bag



    This place looks absolutely AMAZING! The frocks all look DIVINE - I adore your gorgeous maxi and the salt and peppers! Wow - I could die happy in a place like that! Can't wait to see you in the seersucker maxi.

    Sarah xxx

  2. OH MY GOD!! This place is amazing!! I had no idea this place existed and its in my country. I want to visit there NOW. I LOVE that first maxi skirt you bought, its so awesome. Also, I think if I did make it here, you would have to drag me away from the vintage fabric.

  3. Ohh ahhh ... yep, i could spend hours in amoungst that "overflow"!! Can't wait to see you rockin your new maxi's!!!

  4. That is indeed rummaging heaven. I'm tempted to jump on the next flight, it's like a dream come true!!! Love what you bought but surprised you were so restrained at those prices! x

  5. OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have never heard of that! I'm going! Good buys - and very restrained!

  6. What a completely brilliant shop! I think I could spend hours in there, there is so much to look at.
    Love your purchases, especially the first skirt. xxx

  7. Let me loose in the china shop!

  8. I want to be there - right now!!

  9. how nice to have all those old you can fill them up with treasure and fly home! What an awesome place! You guys look like the only people in there, how is that possible? I wanna go!

  10. what an amazing treasure trove - as if you weren't going to come back with loads of amazing stuff!! The deer pulling the salt and pepper is too cute

  11. What a fantastic place. Clearly the owner is not open every day because she is out finding more fabulous merchandise! Thanks for sharing. I only wish New Jersey was a little closer to this fabulous store.

  12. "Oh my HECK!!!" That really does look like the places I dream about! My gosh... I would want to be in there from open to close. *heheh*

  13. You tease, you tease, oh my dear lord when is the next plane leaving. I would have set up camp for the day. I'm looking forward to seeing the two skirts getting their maiden blog outings.

  14. FLAMING NORA! I think I may have needed a lie down just at the sight of all this fabulousness. Definitely a place you could spend an entire day in. All that dinnerware and fabric, oh my! x

  15. OMG. I am not able to work now I have seen this store. i am planning to run away from Dunedin and have a frenzy in Mayfield. Thank you for sharing all your lovely photos - it looks like heaven on earth. I am secretly in love with the bambi salt and peppers - so cute. Looking fwd to seeing you wearing the skirts!!!

  16. Crikey!! What a fantastic shop. I want to go there! Damn the Tasman sea.
    I love your purchases! I had to catch my breath when I saw the deer salt and pepper shakers - AMAZING. Love the badges too.
    Great photos. xx

  17. wow - that looks like an amazing place!
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger


  19. forgive this super late comment, haha, but what a place! i would love to dig through there! i always get nervous when things aren't priced! what if i fall in love with something, then they ask for more than i want to pay!


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