Friday, 29 November 2013

Like a blister in the sun

This handmade dress is one of my finds from the Sunshine Coast. It's a cotton shift dress with pockets & a sweet collar. It's so strange when someone makes a dress in another era, & it fits like it was made for you 50 years later.

Outfit Details.....

Vintage dress - Op shopped
Red enamel brooch - had it forever
Canadian tourist bracelet - Op shopped
Red vintage ring - WAC
Green vintage ring - Op shopped
Beaded bag - Op shopped
Red shoes - Clarks
Sunglasses - Versace

Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Sunshine, Fat & Op Shopping

The Captain & I had a long weekend at our family bach on the Sunshine Coast. It was a glorious weekend, although too hot for my liking. We visited the beach, my favourite coast op shops, & I had to try to ingest 100 grams of fat each day for four days for a medical test I'm having tomorrow. I thought that would be a piece of cake (pardon the pun!), but it turns out it's harder work then you might think! 
Fish & chips, milkshakes, KFC, donuts, pancakes, cream, chocolate. 
I feel sick of the sight of food at the moment.....and that's coming from a pretty big eater!
Here are some pics of our weekend.....

I had banana & honeycomb pancakes, which I couldn't get through on my own. But they were good!

I ogled this fabulous Mini with red interior

And I struck the mother load of vintage frocks at our very first op shop. An elderly lady's collection had been donated. Apparently she was quite the hoarder, and she just happened to be my size! 
 I ended up with 12 frocks for under $50 from the 50's, 60's & 70's.
The fabrics & styles had me squeeing in excitement! It was like a vintage dream, I thought tales like this were an urban legend. And just to tease me they told me even more stock is going out this week....maybe it's just as well I won't be there.

Of course there were also accessories to be had....
Bangles, beads & brooches

And my other weakness, vintage bags.....

And a wee bit of pyrex to add to my mixing bowl collection

Some old sewing patterns which make great wrapping paper.
10cents each

Signing off for now.....I've got washing to do & blogs to read, & fat to eat! Xx

Friday, 22 November 2013

If I could paint, I'd paint a portrait of you.......

I've got to admit I feel more at ease in a knee length dress then I do in a maxi...sometimes I feel kind of overdone in a maxi, but this homemade vintage maxi feels so nice on. Silky, floaty, & it skims my podgy bits. I don't know what this type of printed fabric is called? It almost looks like a painting. We took these pics down at New Farm by the Brisbane River after my physio appointment. It's such a lovely part of Brisbane.

 Oh how I LOVE this riverside house!

Outfit Details........

Vintage frock - $7 Aid for the Blind
Wooden brooch - handmade by Natty
Plastic necklace - Vintage Wishes 
Old turquoise bracelet & Turquoise rings - Op shopped
Beaded bag - Paddington Lifeline
Shoes - Retail
Sunglasses - Ray Bans

Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Linen Finds

Vintage's the only kind I use these days. It's always exciting to come across a pattern I adore.
Like these 2 pillowcases, made in New York & never used.
$1.50 each Salvos

Queen bed bedspread, complete with fringing.
That 70's pattern caught my eye

A couple of scarves for my slow growing collection
50cents Salvos

My Mum has quite the collection of vintage tea towels, & she passed on some from her stash.

I remember saying only a while back that I never see vintage bedspreads at my local op shops. Now I've come across my third in a matter of months. This blue paisley queen bedspread is in a corduroy fabric.
If I hide it in the linen cupboard the Captain will never notice!
Nursing home oppy