Friday, 25 April 2014

Tangled Up in Green

So a while ago my dearest Mum made me a dress out of a 1960's pattern that I found at an op shop. The first dress was for practice really, although I have worn it a lot these past couple of months. The style is my favourite kind of frock style....a simple shift dress that's not too tight or loose. On Easter Saturday I spent the day at Mum's looking on as she made the dress. The main body of the dress seemed easy enough, but the square neckline is really difficult. For some odd reason the facing doesn't seem to match the outer fabric, & it seems far too small for the neckline. But with a bit of improvising & hair-tearing it turned out well. 

Just as Mum was almost finished her sewing machine started acting up, with the dog feed thingo not feeding the fabric through. I hope that will be an easy fix. The neckline ended up being a bit wide, so I tweaked that myself by taking it in a bit. I also sewed the straps. But Mum did the majority of the work. I still feel that zips & facings are a bit beyond me, but I hope to try it myself one day.

The fabric is a weighty cotton that I bought at the WAC sometime ago for $5. It was still in the original packaging from Target. Even I can't remember when Target sold fabric!
The colour & print is pretty perfect in my eyes. Kermit green paisley with a touch of added ric-rac.

I'm not sure whether to call this dress vintage? Considering it's a vintage pattern made in vintage fabric but constructed in 2014. Big thanks to my Mum for all her time & effort in making it. It's even more special knowing it's been made just for me.

Outfit Details.....

60's dress - Made by Mum & me
Green tie waist - From a cardigan
Enamel brooch - Cassie's Corner
Typewriter bracelet - Etsy
Green bracelet & earrings - Op shopped
Button ring - Dolly Did It
Tooled bag - Op shopped @ Salvos
Shoes & sunnies - Retail

We're headed away for the weekend seeing as the Captain scored an extra long weekend off work.
I hope you all have a good one! Xx

Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Two Essentials....Shoes and Sunglasses

I kinda have a love/hate relationship with shoes. I love them on one hand, but I hate the fact that my feet are so picky, especially since tearing my posterior tibial tendon in my foot some years ago as a result of a medication I was on that has a side effect of weakening tendons. So I can't walk in anything high, or too low. I need a supportive sole. I have many ornamental shoes, that are okay for sitting down things, but not for walking far. I seem to buy more shoes at op shops lately then at retail stores, & I guess when they cost around $3 I'm not risking much if I can't wear them. I found these two brogue style leather shoes. The brown ones were $3 & the grey pair were $1.50. They still have the original price tag on at $278. Thanks Salvos!

I found a pair of red Zierra pumps last week at Salvos. No signs of wear. So they are ornamental shoes for me, despite the supportive sole. But I needed some red ornamental shoes.

No love/hate for sunglasses. I only have love for these. I do have quite a collection of sunnies thanks to someone in the optical industry, but I still look out for vintage sunnies at the op shops, & rarely come across them. I found these two pairs from a nursing home op shop. No scratches, gorgeous condition. 80's era. 

A dear older lady passed on these old glasses to us before she threw them out.
They date back to around 1900 & belonged to her Grandmother. They are so delicate, I can't believe they've lasted this long.

 This is a pair I've had for a while now

I guess these spectacles would be classed as ornamental too!

Saturday, 19 April 2014

You make it shine so bright

Funny how blog mates of  mine say they can't take good outfit photos because of the dark days they have on the other side of the world. I find it harder to take photos in the Summer months, because it's so bright. Like these pics taken at one of my photo spots. I find the bright sun makes everything shadowy & washed out. Oh well these pics will have to do. This French 60's frock was found at the WAC sometime last year. The fabric is a light poly-cotton, but it's fully lined with quite a thick lining, which makes it a bit hot (for me anyway) through summer. But with things cooling down a smidge I had the chance to wear it again. 

Outfit Details.....

60's frock - WAC
Green brooch - Aladdins Fair
Deer brooch & green leaf bracelet - Op shopped
Brooch worn as pendant - a vintage shop in Hamilton NZ
Disco ball ring - Had it since childhood
Beaded bag - Vintage Hippy
Shoes & sunglasses - Retail

Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Matchmates & Other Finds

I spied this bright blue cardigan on a rack at Salvos. Never worn vintage knitwear is something I don't come across here in Brissy. I love the stripe effect & pockets. And I was delighted at paying $6 for it.

A vintage scarf from a church-run op shop. LOVE the colour combo!

Obviously more navy & white beads for 50cents from Vinnies

An unusual bracelet in green & yellow from Salvos for a few bucks

Green bling brooch from the last Aladdins vintage fair for $3

I picked up these odd egg cups from a nursing home op shops for 20cents. I had a feeling they were old but wasn't sure. I saw the same ones for sale at the Aladdins fair for $20 each. They are Noddy & Big Ears collectible cups from the 60/70's.

The first plastic basket I've come across, which made me immediately think of Op Shop Mama who collects these. I think it was 50 cents from Salvos

A sweet crustic Woolworths tin from a garage sale

Friday, 11 April 2014

Your colours are like my dreams

This frock seems to tick all the boxes for me (I'm using that term even though it kinda bugs me!). Vibrant colours, including my favourites orange & green. Cotton. Collar. Pockets. Shift style. It didn't fit for a couple of months due to some extra weight but now it seems okay again...go figure. I bought this one at a clothing sale at the WAC for $8. It's never been worn, & made in France.

Outfit Details....

Vintage dress - WAC
Old tapestry brooch - Op shopped
Green bird brooch - Op shopped in Gore New Zealand
Two green rings - Op shopped
Gold bangle - Auckland Vintage Fair
Beaded bag - Op shopped
Shoes & sunglasses - Retail

Happy Friday everyone!

Tuesday, 8 April 2014

They call me the bag Lady

WARNING: Bag heavy post!

I'd say this post is self explanatory. I love old bags.
I've had this post sitting in drafts for yonks, I'd say some of these go back about 6 months, and I've added a few more to my collection in recent days. So I haven't been on an enormous bag binge, even though this post makes it look that way!

Tooled leather beauty found last week at Salvos

A sweet navy raffia bag from Lifeline

These vintage bags came from my friend Betty during her wardrobe clear out.
She was partial to the colour red.

Sweet little fabric bag. Not sure if it was originally for toiletries?
From ages ago at Aid for the Blind

Beaded camel bag

Green vinyl clutch bag

Brown beaded bag, never used

NSW made Sheldon green vinyl bag, with the lucky cent inside!

Australian made Glomesh bag
Aid for the Blind

Faigen vinyl bag, another one from NSW

Oh dear, when you see all of these photos it really does look like I have a bit of a thing for bags.
I guess my secret's out now!
Do you have a particular weakness for shoes or bags?