Friday, 31 July 2015

She had a blind date with destiny

I've had this dress for at least 4 years or more, but I haven't worn it much over that time. I think I've realized  it's more suited to the pregnant shape! I'm SO glad I have a number of vintage frocks that translate to maternity wear. It means I've had to buy very little in the way of clothing since getting pregnant. Just as well when everything else to do with having a baby seems to cost so much! 

30 week Bean belly

Outfit Details....

Vintage frock - Bought at the WAC
My fave green coat - Metro Retro @ Paddington
Green vintage wallpaper bird brooch - Made by me
Green bling brooch - Birthday gift from my Mum
2 old plastic bangles - Op shopped
2 bakelite bangles - Ebay 
Button ring - Eumundi Markets
Handmade knitted bag - Op shopped
Boots, tights, cardigan & sunglasses - Retail

Friday, 24 July 2015

Polkadot Crimplene

This crimplene frock has a crazy skinny collar. It almost put me off buying it. Despite that strange feature, I do like a polkadot frock, and I'm drawn to that bright shade of blue. It "just" goes over the bump, I doubt I'll get to wear it again. I always safety pin my button up frocks just in case they pop, and this one really needed it! The outfit is head to toe vintage, apart from the tights and sunglasses.

28 week Vintage Baby Bean bump

Outfit Details.....

Vintage crimplene dress - Op shopped
Vintage speckled cardigan - Op shopped
Blue enamel flower brooch - Etsy I think?
Tape measure bangles - Mrs Robinson's @ Tarras NZ
Red 1960's shoes - Op shopped @ Christchurch NZ
Blue vintage bag - Op shopped
Tights, ring and sunglasses - Retail

Friday, 17 July 2015

Lime on my mind

Hello readers! Sorry my posts are few and far between! This growing a baby thing is a full time job. This 1960's house dress belonged to my dear friend Miss J, and she graciously passed it onto me knowing how much I love it. It's not only the green with a hint of orange that I like, but the zip front and side pockets. It's a perfect smock shape for my growing Bean baby, and I paired it with a $4 grey top from K-Mart.


26 week Bean belly, I'm now 30 weeks so it's gettin BIG now, I'm behind in my posts!

Outfit Details......

60's cotton dress - Gift from Miss J who bought it at a vintage fair
Orange vintage pendant - Op shopped
2 brooches in disguise - Hoop brooch from Etsy and made by me wallpaper bird brooch
Old plastic bangles - Op shopped
2 vintage rings - Op shopped
Vintage bag - A vintage shop in Waimate New Zealand
Boots, tights, top and sunglasses - Retail

Saturday, 4 July 2015

Betty Blue Frock and an Update

I know I've been absent from the blog world for a wee bit. We had one last trip to New Zealand at the end of May & into June (I'll fill you in on that soon), & since getting home things have been a bit full on with baby preparations & my incessant urge to nest. My health has been more challenging since then as well, with lots of tests & obstetrician visits as well as seeing my usual specialist. So I've had to rest more & haven't been able to do as much as I usually do, which was limited to begin with because of my chronic illness, but now more so.

I'm enjoying watching my belly grow as the weeks go by, & feeling all those kicks & rolls from Little Bean, but the pregnancy itself has been far more challenging then I'd anticipated. The hopes of my illness improving during pregnancy haven't eventuated. Perhaps it's because I've had complex health issues for 22 years now, & I'm 41 years old, as well as being off 10 medications that are essential to controlling my condition.  So the demands of growing a baby on top of that make day to day life kind of tough. But at the same time I am reminded what an absolute miracle this is, & my heart swells with love when I think of holding this little one in 10 or so weeks time.

I guess my frequency around blog land will kind of depend on how the coming weeks pan out. I've often read your blogs but haven't had the energy to comment. So I send a big Hello to you all!
Now onto the frockage....

This is a dress that belonged to my dear elderly friend Betty. It's one of her handmade frocks, most of her dresses were loving made on her trusty sewing machine. I tweaked this one to fit by removing the sleeves (Betty has skinnier arms then me!) and taking up the hem. The fabric is so gloriously vintage. The button up coat/dress was something I found at an op shop for $1 last year. I wondered if I'd ever wear it, but it's now on high rotation as it suits my fast growing bump. The entire outfit is op shopped apart from the tights which were a couple of bucks on sale.

Outfit Details.....

Handmade dress - My friend Betty
Vintage jacket over dress - Op shopped
3 old brooches - Blue one from my Mum in law, mauve one from my Mum, pink one op shopped
Old mesh bracelet - Op shopped
Blue enamel necklace - Gift from Darling Miss V of Two Squirrels Vintage
Navy Rex handbag - Hospice Shop in Mosgiel NZ
Navy vintage shoes - Op shopped
Blue ring, tights & sunglasses- Retail