Friday, 28 August 2015

Flowing Finlaw Frock Friday

I thought I had sold this 'Finlaw' brand dress, but I was very happy to re-discover it in my selling pile of frocks. I knew it would be perfect in the later stages of pregnancy as it's kind of kaftan style, loose from the bust. I put the tie that goes around the waist under the collar instead. These pics got a bit washed out in the afternoon light, but you get the drift. 

33 week Bean belly

Outfit Details....

Vintage dress - Op shopped years ago
Wallpaper bird brooch - Made by me
Embroidery hoop brooch - Etsy
2 vintage bracelets - Op shopped
Button ring - The Collective Store
Beaded bag - Op shopped
Cardigan, tights, boots, sunglasses - Retail

Friday, 21 August 2015

Squirrel Gifted Baby Bump Frock

I've been saving this gingham cotton dress until the later stages of pregnancy, as it is super free flowing with lots of room for a gigantic belly. Miss Vanessa gifted it to me while we were in New Zealand. It's such a pretty colour. We took these pics down by the bay on a glorious winters day. 

32 week Bean bump

Outfit Details.....

Vintage cotton dress - Gift from Sweet Squirrel Miss V
Erstwilder deer brooch - WAC
Blue bling brooch - Belonged to my elderly friend Betty
2 Sarah Coventry silvertone bracelets - Op shopped
Patchwork toaster cover - Gift from Miss J & converted to a bag by me
Cardigan, ring, tights, boots and sunglasses - Retail

Friday, 14 August 2015

You can read me like a book

Some months ago Sandra who runs the vintage store Mid Mod Oz passed some old fabric my way. There were 3 semi completed handmade frocks, although they were only 20% done (cut out & pinned), so they required sewing up & finishing off. This one is a lovely heavy cotton in a shift dress style. I left enough room while sewing so it would fit my expanding bump, & I added a ric-rac trim. 
Being cotton it should be wearable all year round. Thank you to Sandra for thinking of me when she came across this stash!

Matchy matchy makes me happy!

31 week baby Bean bump

Outfit Details....

Half made vintage dress - Gifted by Sandra of Mid Mod Oz & sewn by me
Enamel flower brooch - Gift from a dear friend
2 vintage bracelets - Op shopped
Vintage 60's beaded bag - Garage Sale
Orange shoes - Op shopped
Cardigan, ring, tights and sunglasses - Retail

The fabric stash from Sandra
and below the Elna in action

Friday, 7 August 2015

Technicolour Dream Coat

Retro Metro in Paddington is one of my favourite places in Brisbane to find well priced vintage clothing. I've been buying stuff there for years, and some of my all time favourite pieces have come from there. I think it reminds me of the vintage shops on K-Road in Auckland. Well priced with a great selection, starting at $5 going up to around $70 for higher priced items. 
I found this 60's coat on my last visit, & Col was sweet enough to give me a discount. 
It's that print that got me. 

30 week Bean belly

Outfit Details....

Green crimplene dress - Op shopped
60's dress/coat - Retro Metro @ Paddington
Vintage scarf - Gifted by Trudie
Green stone brooch - Op shopped
Deer and mini enamel flower brooch - Gifted by Helga
Bling rings - Op shopped
Bakelite bangles - Ebay & op shopped
Beaded bag - Op shopped
Tights, boots & sunglasses - Retail

Monday, 3 August 2015

Vintage Baby Bean Shower

For years I've gone to baby showers, endured the silly games and all that (okay I'm not a bit party games person!). I never imagined I'd one day have my own. I just wanted a nice relaxing morning with my closest friends, without any games or fussy stuff. Just some delicious treats and good company celebrating our little miracle Bean. My dearest friend Miss J opened her home for the occasion, we all know I love hanging at her place. Miss J has vintage quirky style happening in droves. My clever cousin made all sorts of delectable high tea treats. We had a lovely morning, it was everything I'd hoped for, & Bean was spoilt with lots of nice baby gear. Here are a few pics of the day.....

I wore a vintage handmade dress and a $1 vintage dress/jacket over the top. Made by me embroidery hoop brooch and genuine 1960's shoes

Yes that's a vintage mannequins hand on my belly....bit of a personal joke!

My dear Mum & Bean's Nana

Bean's Nana and Aunty

The host Miss J

Gift opening time and some of my dear friends below

I don't expect I'll be attending many more baby showers at my age, as most of my friends have well & truly finished having babies.
But it was wonderful to celebrate our Vintage Baby Bean's impending arrival.
Thank you to all those who were a part of it. I love you all! Xx