Friday, 15 January 2016

Boom Shankar Frock Friday

I very rarely go out wearing something that's not vintage, it feels kind of odd if I do. But there are some brands that I don't mind, like Dangerfield and Boom Shankar. I bought this dress from the Boom Shankar website. It's made from a stretch fabric and it's really comfortable. It's different from my usual vintage style but I kind of like it. 

Outfit Details....

Boom Shankar dress - Online sale
Wood stag necklace - Red Essy
Vintage rings - Op shopped
Chunky vintage bracelet - Gifted by blog friend Tam
Tooled leather bag - Op shopped
Shoes & Sunglasses - Retail

Here's some recent pics of our wee boy. 4 months old now and he's happy and thriving. 


  1. You look great. Love the vintage look of your dress. Daisy patterns were so popular in the 60's when my Mom made the three daisy patterned dresses for my younger sister, myself and Mom. Good memory. Your son is such a charmer, thank you for sharing him at 4 months old.


  2. Wow look at you 4 months on you look amazing. I love seeing your little boys photo's he is always smiling such a gorgeous happy little lad im not surprised with loving parents like yourselves. I to don't always wear vintage anymore I have found a brand here that do lovely designs with a vintage twist pattern and with my changed lifestyle much more practical on a daily basis. dee xx

  3. This dress is so cute and looks super comfy! I have to go do some online shopping now!... :o)

  4. I love the dress! The print is so you! And look at the sweet baby face!! Adorable

  5. It's a really pretty dress, and paired with your vintage accessories, it totally fits your style.
    Cutest boy - he's so smiley! xxx

  6. Cute outfit, as always. And I love those smiles of your boy's. I love checking out Dangerfield dresses, I love the styles and fabrics, but am yet to find one in colours I could wear.


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