Friday, 3 June 2016

Kiwi Cotton Frock Friday

This post is from well over a month ago, so I figured I'd better publish it before it's too old!
I hope you're all doing well...I don't get much blog reading or writing done these days.
Anyway onto the frock....
This original 60's cotton dress was one of my favourite purchases from New Zealand last year. It was a bargain $10 from Search and Destroy on K-Road. The cotton is so crisp I doubt it's ever been worn before. It's got a wonderful big collar and a button front. The beaded bird bag was a gift from my Instagram friend Nicola of Florie and Me. 

My big bouncing boy.....stop growing up so fast!!!

Outfit Details.......

60's cotton dress - Vintage shop in NZ
Old brooch & vintage rings - Op shopped
Vintage button bracelet - Made by me
Beaded bag - Gift from my Instagram friend Nicola 
Shoes & sunglasses - Retail


  1. Good to see you. Being Mom is a BIG job.

  2. At least we have Instagram...I haven't had time for blogging either!

  3. Your looking well and your little one is such a cutie pie.

  4. Just discovered your blog and read it right through from latest to begining over this weekend. I love that you really understand your style and choose clothes to suit you. Everything you wear looks fab, and I love your accessories too. I was diagnosed with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome last year and was really bad for 5 months. 10 years of being bedridden must have been so difficult for you and The Captain. You are a real inspiration. So happy that you have 2 beautiful men in your life, you deserve wonderful things.................Perhaps you should think about publishing your blog in a book somehow, you really have a lot of talent and I would buy it.............Until then eh, keep happy and healthy

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